Introducing the Coolfire® Mug

Can you imagine a place where you’d like a hot beverage on demand?

  • on a ski lift, on a hike, climbing a mountain?
  • at the ocean, in a kayak, on a boat?  
  • every day on a weeklong backpacking trip?
  • while at soccer practice, at a stadium, at a match?
  • on a train, a bus, a taxi, your car?
  • in an emergency where there is no power or heat?
  • in an office without a microwave or hot plate?

 Our Technology

 Coolfire® heating technology is a unique, proprietary embodiment of flame-free catalytic heat energy that is free from noxious emissions and safe enough to be used in unattended situations and close quarters.

Our patented catalytic heating technology totally eclipses all other methods of personal portable heating. Competing technologies are much less powerful, heavier, more cumbersome, less safe, less controllable, and less portable.

The Coolfire® Mug

While there are many ways that our technology might be used, we have developed prototypes of a portable travel mug that are basically the ideal travel mug for coffee, tea, soups, etc.

The Coolfire® Mug improves the user experience with high energy efficiency, high power, and precise temperature control by using the intelligent self-starting capability featured in Coolfire®. It can repeatedly heat or boil liquids and keep itself hot for days. Most importantly, it can be manufactured at an attractive cost.